All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s largest and 5-Star airline for nine consecutive years, will be releasing a new in-flight safety video for international and domestic routes on November 1, 2021. The first update to ANA’s in-flight safety video in three years, the new video will provide passengers with important safety information in a clearer and more engaging format.

“We hope that our new in-flight safety video created by our employees will be informative and help passengers gain a better understanding of air safety and learn more about the ANA Group’s commitment to providing passengers a safe and comfortable travel experience,” said Junko Yazawa, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience Management & Planning of ANA. “Hospitality is key to ANA’s vision and the new safety video is the latest of our efforts to increase accessibility and create a welcoming environment aboard our aircraft.”

The new in-flight safety video features 15 ANA Group employees from different departments within the organization including pilots, cabin attendants and maintenance staff to stress the important role that all ANA team members play in ANA’s flight operations. In addition, the video was filmed in the cabin of an actual ANA aircraft making it easier to convey critical safety information to passengers. There are Japanese and English audio as well as subtitles for 22 languages*1 and accompanying sign language developed in cooperation with the Japanese Federation of the Deaf*2.

In the disembarkation video, the employees featured in the video introduce their daily operations emphasizing how each of them contributes to ensure a secure and hospitable travel experience.

ANA Group employees developed the concept of the project, and came up with the idea to feature employees from across the company to convey the importance of safety protocols to the audience. ANA will continue to prioritize passenger safety and remains committed to doing all it can to provide a secure and hospitable travel experience to our customers worldwide.

In-flight video:
Safety video:
Disembarkation video:

The current in-flight safety video featuring Japan’s traditional Kabuki theater will be available on ANA Global Channelblank until the end of November 2021.