By Michelle Massey (Australia) 25th March 2020

Narita to Perth. ANA kept us informed of their actions regarding Covid19 when it was apparent that changes would be necessary due to health and supply issues. A week prior to our flight it was stated that our route would be suspended the day after our flight. Whilst the Australian governments changed their policy daily during this period, our flight remained with on ok status. We flew last night, despite having an extremely low number of passengers. Despite enduring obvious concerns regarding their industry and their personal careers, the flight staff were friendly, helpful and professional. My admiration and gratitude are overwhelming. A great and comfortable flight and any opportunities to fly with them again will be taken happily. Japan, as usual, was hygienic and had diligent use of masks and hand sanitizer everywhere. We felt completely comfortable travelling throughout our 18-day travels, with business as usual, wherever possible.