By Amanda Lockett (Australia) 29th January 2020

ANA is the best airline I have been on. The staff are amazing the food is good for airplane food. The reason they are amazing is because the seats were nice, the cabin and bathroom clean and there were no delays at all. The safety video was in Japanese and English with subtitles in both languages. We were in economy on departure and in premium economy coming back. The seats in economy and premium economy had a foot paddle and the seat was comfortable and recline was good. The entertainment was pretty good with lots of new movies like Endgame, Spider-Man, Far from Home and Godzilla. The lounge in Tokyo Haneda welcomes business and Premium Economy passengers which lots of airlines don’t do (and only welcome business class passengers) The food was good and the lounge staff were so polite. Every time you walked past them they would say “Kon ban wa”. so I highly recommend ANA. It’s a great airline.